0x7D2 October 0x2

Yeemp 0.6 is now available for download. It fixes a triplet of security holes (one of which is Really Bloody Embarrassing, right up there with the M$ and Konqueror 'Oops... what do you mean a cert chain needs validating?' bugs. Sigh.).

In other news - loyal stalkers will have already heard about the Waa. If you haven't, you aren't stalking me well. Ultrasound tomorrow to see if there's a mass. Am worried. (Although, in the Good Signs department, Waa likes Weemble's screen.).

In other other news. I'm quite asleep. Woke up at 09:15 yesterday. Oh, look, it's 10:25. And the muzzyheaded feverish thing is down to muzzyhead and bloodymucus. Go sleep soonlike no?

Wake me with Yeemp Installation Reports. I inflict it upon Freshmeat if there's nothing giant broken by the time I get up.

Blorp eem fnord hlera xlat?


Nameless drone on 0x7D2 October 0x5:


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