0x7D2 November 0x7

First Awakening: A thunderclap that goes on and on.

Second Awakening: The sky is dark blue. Brown clouds float in it. Whilst staring puzzledly at the clouds (for they're usually not brown at night, here. Yet, anyway.), I notice a Truck. This Truck is funny. It has a blank white sheet coated in rivets, where most Trucks have license plates instead.
They roll up the back door, and a bright flourescent light emerges. There's a white counter inside; one man is setting up a white machine on the counter.
One is standing around outside talking on his phone.
He keeps yelling "I'll call you back later" into his phone, which would be less silly if he didn't answer (or make, I couldn't see which) three calls of that nature in about ten minutes.

The Truck sits there; its three occupants mill about a bit. One spends all his time in it; another floats idly from Here to There, hanging out with PhoneGuy on occasion.

Suspecting a Tempest machine or suchlike, I am naturally curious. It's not every day that one sees spies (especially REALLY FUCKING INCOMPETENT ones - they'd be less conspicuous wearing bright red grunting warthogs for hats.), after all.

So I take some pictures.

A dark blue car with a melted look to it, this one with plates (3VHX067) drives up. It parks in slow, leisurely fashion. Three shady-looking men and one woman (or transvestite) get out. They stand around for a while jawing, calling people, playing with radios, and adjusting Femme's purse and chest. Calibrating, I guess.

Walking away for a bit, and returning to the Place of Monitoring, I am greeted by the actinine flash of their own cameras. Fair enough, I suppose: I've gotten fifty or so of 'em.

However, this Annoys nonetheless. If I wanted a spy on every street-corner, I'd go to China. So I head out to take a a few more.

Le Femme Fatale demurely hides when I take her picture. Not happy with it, but not freaked out.

Spooktruck has no license plates in front, either. It does have the number "161 G 600" painted on the back door and sides.

It also has occupants who seem disturbed by me photographing Plateless Vans. They tell me that I can't take pictures of the inside of their van because it's supposedly private property. (It's the most brilliantly lit place on the street; You can see into it from a few hundred feet away if your eyes are good. They also claim that the reason it has no plates is that it, being a commercial vehicle, doesn't need them. And that they're police investigating something. One of 'em has a badge, though I'm not familiar enough with police subsystems to tell whether it's an obvious fake, an unobvious fake, or a real one. I'm not exactly sure how it is that government property is private, but they seem certain enough of it to tell me that if I keep standing around out there, I'll go to jail. For allegedly disrupting their alleged investigation.

And people who think they're being watched are paranoid...


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