0x7D2 May 0x2

We've finally regained network access - MonkeyBrains' dialins were eaten by MCI salesfolk a few days ago. Fifteen minutes after I finished configuring [$OTHERMACHINE] to act as a temp dialin ISP (which took two days) Monkeybrains announced that they now had a temporary access number which should remain valid until their real lines are installed.

Meanwhile, Berkeley's phone system is being eaten by their telco. (Details unknown, but I suspect it's so they can stick an audio grepper on all the lines. Of course, I also think that the gov't's why fails most of the time.)

Now that the net's back, of course, Chaos has changed IP addresses. So my email and Yeemp servers are down...


Nameless User on 0x7D7 June 0x18:
r01TM7 hi jonsf!

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