0x7D2 March 0xA
The Oracular Maze has been extended somewhat, in preparation for a scheduled upgrade that should occur sometime in the next eight thousand orbits of Klmnak II about its primary... And I suppose some of the qode should be adjusted to accomodate for the fact that der AOLers ehre (or is that somethingk else?) demivertboten from certain regions. Blargh; the reduced-redundancy components want to simplify things by just blocking 'em from the whole labyrinth, but that'd be excessive. Maybe I should read up on CGI ErrorDocuments, but labyrinth extension took far longer than it should've as is. Things should look less stupid on Mozilla, as my CSS no longer calls for link cursors (they don't seem to be handled in any browser I want to use, at any rate.). (Speaking of Mozilla thingies: It supports modifiable CSS image opacity, which would be a really cute feature if it worked in any browser fast enough to use.).

Now, if I could just figure out why Dillo doesn't seem to like colspan'd tables...


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