0x7D2 January 0xF
So, a day after releasing (and sticking on Freshmeat) YeempEMP 0.4.3, I go to install it on $CLIENT's machine (They used to page me via ICQ. Now that micq no longer works, that's not an option... so they get to use Weird Clients to talk to me.)... and I discover that the bloody thing doesn't work right. Problems: Someone who shall remain nameless [but is known to his f(r)iends as Deekoo - ed.] typoed in the daemon, rendering it unusable. And the installer didn't bother to setup the default config properly unless you were replacing a previous YeempEMP install. The interaction between that and a stupid daemon bug caused the server to loop interminably and coat the console in error messages (at a rote of a few dozen a second. Thankfully, to stderr rather than syslog.). sigh..
YeempEMP 0.4.4, made immediately upon return from $CLIENT, should fix the problems. At least, a test clean install permits my test account to send messages to itself instead of spewing errors...

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