0x7D2 January 0x1F
It's time again for the obligatory Fuzzy Blog. In this case, my brain feels like it's full of noodles. Oodles and oodles of slightly translucent noodles. And numpad 2down seems to have wandered off again. The Joy of Sicks: I have no attention span for any but the most passive or menial of tasks (Which is leading to an unusual spate of VOLUNTARY cleaning!). Slime oozes from five or seven major bodily orifices. (You WANTED to hear that, didn't you?). Even my spelling has wandered off, and my Stacks I have not the presence of mind to Stack in.

Meanwhile, external reality seem more than a little hazy. As all the helicopters in the city circle searchfully, The News is a "God Bless America" sign behind someone talking about Sports. Which comes to an end for live coverage of a restaurant which is famous for being famous, or something like that. Or was that a week or two ago? Realizing that I'd somehow managed to mix up this plane with MFUPA, the plaint that, if I must live in a surrealist pastiche, I'd rather be in Schrödinger's Cat (More sex, less megadeaths) appears to have been Heard. Hail Eris, Praise Discordia, and I swear I won't ask for the reconstruction of the universe to my own whims because the next one might be less suitable. (I can tell it was Heard because it disappeared from even the eternal /tmp).

Signs that the Eschaton is beirg Immanentized:
The President (or possibly the Other Guy, I'm still not sure) has Speechified. And he Spake unto the Masses Thusly, that they were at War still, and that the Enemy was now the Recession, or possibly the Economy, and that the Enemy was also the Axis of Iran, Iraq, and North Korea. Presumably they intend to fight them using different tactics. Like sending tanks against people shorting Enron (which, incidentally, donated a sizeable sum to BOTH the Shrub and Bore campaigns in 2000), and wildly manipulating the interest rates of IMF loans to the Axis countries. Whoops. Back in MFUPA again.
An unknown number of people in the US have disappeared. The charges are secret (National Security). The numbers are secret (National Security). The conviction status, or lack thereof, is secret (National Security). Before they decided that National Security precluded admitting how many prisoners they held, the count had exceeded a thousand. Presumably National Security also precludes announcing how many have been released, if any.
And we're growing a new bureaucracy, too.

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