0x7D2 February 0x8
The Monitoring Device has been reactivated. Now you can view a holding cell for political dissidents from the comfort of your own holding cell.
Overheard at a neo-Aristotalian rally in Macon, Georgia: The Polyhedron Shall Rise Again!.

GeoMatrix DisCorporated on 0x7D2 February 0x1B:
Your Polyhedron has been resent, and since we are eager to have you happy with this flaw-free Polyhedron, we're sending it to you by Omnimental Multigalactic TransMatters, the finest subatomic matter transmission service known to sapient lifeformhood. It should get there about five seconds ago, barring any unfortunate picopacket loss (and we'll foot the bill should this fortunately rare circumstance occur.) GeoMatrix DisCorporated prides itself in its products and service, and I apologise suffusively for the mishap. There has been an exciting development allowing us to provide even more adventurous polytopic constructs than before. See for some of the items that will be included in our next catalogue. If there is anything else at all I can do for you, Esteemed Lord Deekoo of Tesseractica Tentacula, the Panarchy, and all related transspatial and transchronologic holdings thereof - do not hesitate to immediately transmit your wishes to us. We look forward to a long and happy relationship of polytopic business and pleasure. Humbly yet unsycophantically, Airtimed

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