0x7D2 February 0x17
Work sucks.
More later, possibly. Or not. A surfeit of bloody morons seems to be pending. Bah.

Blameless User on 0x7D2 February 0x1C:
Work sucks? Perhaps you have become a vacuum cleaner by mistake. Silly tentacled being, vacuum is already pretty clean. Except when populated by yaks, bowling balls and peanut butter.

Named User on 0x7D2 March 0x4:
Which is why my career as a vaccuum cleaner is vital to the future of the universe.

Miles of Piles of Crapulous Crap on 0x7D2 March 0x5:
So whaddaya got against MORONS, entity, you. You think you're so GREAT, just because you can THINK...and DO THINGS without making everyone around you for ten square hectares CRINGE from having their sensibilities get a whiff of STUPIDITY and CLUELESSNESS? Excuse me, I mean, "differently-cluedness" charitable towards we who are little more and nothing less than apes without fur, and with a little more vocabulary than the furred apes have. While retaining the apelike habit of flinging crap at passersby. Oh, by the way, I thought you might like to hear about something special I found out about when I was browsing some newsgroups today, this fabulous wealth building money-machine that just sits in the corner of your cage um, I mean room, and spits out dollar bills one after another. I mean, that's not what it IS, but I promise you that with a small investment of a few hundred doll-aaaaaaiiiighhhhhhhj[o uh389-----------------




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