0x7D2 August 0x1A
From the List of Bloody Annoying Things: Clients who come up with absolutely harebrained Master Plans, then not only expect me to want in on the plan, but seem disappointed that I think it's less than brilliant.
Whilst I'm at it, insert gratuitous grumble about people who try to bait me into doing Something Stupid with the lure of nice, warm, shiny, soft money.


antiXris666 on 0x7D2 September 0x4:
sorry, i didn't mean you any harm and wasn't trying to lure you or bait you either, was only following a mutual friends suggestion on who to contact about getting more understanding aout the different options and pitfalls involving the event and not first instructed on what would be appropriate and or prefered channels of opening a dialog and expressing i would not be unappreciative and respect your your wise and tribulated endeavors and that i waould have been honored to have shown my sincerety by being able to have aan equally important or at least acceptable recorce of any sort to be able to demonstrate my sincere gratitude and support for a being whose heart and source of energy is an established kingdom in a dynamic sphere which pulses and transmits currents troughout a sphere other than the the usual and peril infested world that tries to lure and bait us all if and when it can and i appologize for any insult my lack of internet communication savvy and desire to not relinquish my crown (of which i do not ask for but accept the lonly responsibility of having to ussually sport it because of my usual inability to remain silent when i feel someone should also be aware of the dangers and factual translations which are now so even infiltrated deep within even those worlds which were formed/created/left behind or left for dead or undiscovered which prefereto peacefully exist without subscribing to thedying world of humanity and its failing corporate mainstrem society who... anyways i think you may understand what i'm saying, and i have been trying to learn fast and fortify my ports and portals proper paragraphical structures which contain the the polite and safe and correct choice of vernaculer(sic?) expression (i'm not old days bbs veteran ~:( and like wondere what things like "lol" meant, up until only very recently, cuz i'm abit misanthroblabblabiddy@$**!) and the word "chat " i fucking loath almost as much as this world, and i always aquainted the word "lurk" to something that is shady and not polite in the least if not disgusting or illegal too.isn't it great how the english lang. provied so many choices for most descriptions and so many ways the words which exist can be interpreted? i guess one who can master such a magnificent set of tools to communicate can also be able to construct ways of conveying their thoughts choice of words and choosing their intrpretations of others, when read or spoken aloud to be able to insure there is often more than one choice of of what one meant when they said something and to be on the lookout for ways to increase the choices of of what one might interpret what was said to them in case they might need to change there prior understanding of or dissagrre with the original intent of what said to releive themselves the burden of reponsibility to be held accountable for any negative or/and non-intented results which may incure, and always the old standby of pleading ignorance if all else fails. (wicked world?) itseems ironic that alot of those who claim they love words and the english lang.(i don't know how to spell languige =;( are content on using a dumbass three letter word like god to explain,justify and etc.. } without remembering that it is the pathetic humans who insisted on using a proper noun instead of a verb or adjective to relate to to their gigantic meaningless crutch when explaining there actions and basing there identity on an entity that is not who or what or even anywhere to be located for interviews. not a single cultures or religions ceo even has an email address or phone book listing either, just billions of self PROlaimed volunters(leaders'politicions,preists.generals,CORPORATIONS) causing all the worlds wars hatred and miserybecuse the majority of the worlds people are smoking the wrong brand of chewing gum and not walking there pet Plecaustiboos at the same time, or some thing like that.. The unexpected preceeding mini rant which followed the original main part of this transmision was presentented by the fine self imposed sponsers The JimDandy Bar candy bar that sends you to more than one store every time, and if the event which this comment was respectfully and thoughtfully generated in real time (a real long time because i type pretty slow, and i think too fast resultinng in an additional memory and recource hogging encoder to be tsr'd in my big brain to get it to it's final destination(often trash/recycle bin)was actually in reference to something completely having nothing to do with our "chance encounter" last week, i am still haappy to encounter this chance to transmit starting now, and please feel free to enhance, etc because patriotic "acting" is a path to survive because Ashcroft is GOD and GOD IS GOD GOD WILLING god dammit fuck fuckin fuckit respectfully antiXris

Michelle on 0x7D2 September 0x5:
Hi, I just passed by. I'm also a member of oddbloggers, and had the good luck to be directed on here. ;) Hope you're fine.

j_i_d on 0x7D2 October 0xE:
We commend this body to the ground with loving rememberence, earth to earth ashes to ashes and dust to dust....666 Peace

antiChrisLovesMoon on 0x7D3 September 0x12:
Stop Fucking, touching, seeing and contacting my sweetbaby moon, deekoo...You are playing a dangerous game... antiChris Loves Moon ..step off, if you have any class

antiChrisLovesMoon on 0x7D3 September 0x12:
Stop Fucking, touching, seeing and contacting my sweetbaby moon, deekoo...You are playing a dangerous game... antiChris Loves Moon ..step off, if you have any class

Chris on 0x7D3 September 0x12:
I mean it stop trying to get in my girlfriends pants,okay?

Deekoo L. on 0x7D3 November 0xA:
Child of man, bearer of Christ, what exactly would you be meaning by the phrase "dangerous game"? And, pray tell, whence comes this delusion that I would obey a command from you? I have not granted you the power to command My actions.

Nameless User on 0x7D3 November 0x1B:
You are an IDIOT, I AM CHRIST!!! and you have no class or respect young man...

Deekoo L. on 0x7D3 November 0x1D:
O Saviour! I bow down before You, who hast found the mighty Shift key and ALL THAT CAN BE DONE WITH IT!!! What would you have me do for Your divine self?

Nameless User on 0x7D4 April 0xD:
...I thought you were going to be taking this page down, especially since you got what you wanted, in what appears to have been a great deal to do with the fact that - oh fuck it - never mind, my heart is suddenly beating way too fast and Ijust became way to instantly enraged with anger and hurt with overwhelming sadness, because now she made her soul so much harder to touch or even find and you can never know how much I Love her, but you could have had some class and stepped off and recognized that what she is so beyond driven to escape from or/and find isn't going to be in someone elses(you) mate while ... anyways , deekoo, please take this whole thread down off your site if or when you may happen to look here again, and remember who loves you baby(monde) AcX -Arma Christi- ps it was very rude of you to intentionally leave bite marks on by beloved's neck as if you were "tagging" a wall with spray paint and I the truth was told to me that "safety" was not neglected. end


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