0x7D2 April 0x6
Various bugfixes to YeempEMP (now just plain "Yeemp") have been inflicted upon the planet. Amongst other changes, it no longer freezes under FreeBSD.


monde on 0x7D2 April 0x14:
awrightie! we really need to get this going for windoze and mac. when you get this message, come out to the front room and coerce me to download the necessary stuffs. methinks i have enough space on e:\ to put them cleared away now.

Deekoo on 0x7D2 April 0x1C:
ISP currently down. Being eaten by gerbils. Will be offline for while.

Nameless User on 0x7D2 April 0x1E:
Brain reactivated. ISP still down. Post like Zamboni.


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