0x7D1 September 0xE
The Afghans are digging trenches.
The Americans are on the march.
And none of them dare guess why.
I'm surprised I didn't see this earlier.
It should have been transparently obvious.
Total world domination.
But not what we expected.
Who really won the cold war?
Was it Vladimir Putin, former head of the KGB, now President of Russia? (And who'd have dared guess *THAT* a couple decades ago?)
Was it the Skull and Bones fraternity?
Was it the Bush drug cartel?
Was it something that you could never understand?
Blood and fire amongst the flower fields.
Flowers waving in the breeze.
You think you're fighting for your lives?
You think you're fighting for revenge?
Go ahead. Believe it. They want you to.
You know what you're fighting for.
Deep down, you know.
The poppies waving in the breeze
heads red as the blood you'll spill
thirsty roots await your gift of life.
Blood for the poppies, blood for the shrubs
blood for the bushes and blood for the subs
blood for the trenches and blood for the fires
that burn like little suns at night.
You think you're stopping there, my friend?
No, no, can't stop now, can't rest in the flower fields.
The Enemy escaped to Burma.
We're losing on the Colombian front.
And poppies in China waving whitely.

Demosthenes on 0x7D1 September 0xF:
That's some startlingly great prosetry there. Sounds as if it needs to be a Reel, executed over properly atonals and monorhythmics. I have, in my heart of hearts, deeply suspected there is Something Going On Here that is more than meets the eye...and feel a chill and sobering reality: we are never going to know what's really going on. Even though our instincts and gut feelings upon assimilation of the datastreams make the general nature of it Very Clear. And what will come of it is even clearer. Yet we will have no proof even as we have too much proof. We shall never be able to provide enough proof. They that hold the data-makers in their hands can remake the data - They will forever be rewriting our history. Before it even comes to pass.

Donna on 0x7D1 September 0xF:
Just as I thought too. I'm glad it's not just SeanO and myself who feel this way. Love you, you know. How wonderful life is, who'da guessed. How terrible too.

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