0x7D1 September 0xB
"Four cities have been hit."... "Further attacks"... "World Trade Center". Huh? Sleepy. Change channel on radio to see if this is Yet Another War Of The Worlds... Other channels're blaring the same thing. Switch to television, and (once the MIPS stops covering the screen with game-console boot sequences) watch the propaganda.

Things determinable from the news:
The 'America Under Attack' banners indicate that Someone wants a frenzy.
The fact that they keep talking about the Taliban being responsible indicates rather clearly who those-who-rule want us serfs to blame.
If the statements being made on the news are true (and I can't verify them), then whatever group was responsible had to have been piloting at least three of the four aircraft reported attacked. You don't get two planes hitting the same building without a pilot. So either the Ambiguous They sent suicide pilots to help take over the craft, or the Ambiguous They had some kind of control over either the pilot or the machine's navigational devices.
I find it a bit odd that the Pentagon didn't shoot down a Really Huge Object approaching at a few hundred miles an hour.

And, of course, you can bet like anything that FedGov will use this as an excuse to tighten their control over the general populace as soon as they figure out who to scapegoat, er, assign responsibility to.

Of course, the question uppermost in my mind is "Did our government do this themselves?". If you see large chunks of our remaining freedoms start to trickle into nothingness, with the nicest and best of reasons, then you'll know that the answer is probably "Yes.". If this comment disappears from my blog without an explanation, then that, too, will be a "Yes".

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