0x7D1 December 0xA
Ranting, conspiracy-theorising, and software releases, in that order:

Ranting: My relatives have gotten ahold of my URL. And are roaming through it. While it's generally innocuous (as *most* of them have the sense to stay out of chunks of it that are obviously unsuited for their consumption, and my brother teaching Pseudai pidgin Japanese is an improvement over most of its inputs), one uncle seems to have come to the conclusion that my choice in lovers is Not Tenable and that I should be instructed to leave her. Grumble. I don't particularly care for advice that I should leave my lover of these past six years (modulo time distortion) just to accomodate his personal moral tastes.
However, in the interest of preserving family input into my personal life, I will provide them with a chance to Vote On It. I'll even give them two candidates to choose from, just like our politicians do: Monde and Monde.

Conspiracy Theorising: How many people think market forces made IE a better browser than Netscape? Raise your hands. OK, now give me your credit card numbers - AOL wiped your account information by mistake and I need it to, er, reactivate it. Here's the little bit of evidence that convinced me, for once and for all, that the Netscape browser was deliberately killed by a conspiracy between Microsoft and AOL...
I'm wandering about, using my usual browser to engage in Important Classified Work. Switching over to some Paying Work, I accidentally click a quarter-inch too high whilst trying to change the URL in Netscape, and hit the stupid "Netscape" button instead of the little text window. I get dumped in some kind of braindead "My Netscape" excrescence. Said excrescence is not as glitzy and hideous as AOLHell-ruined pages usually are, for one reason: It's an error message. An error message entitled "Bad Browser". An error message telling me that I cannot see the page for two reasons: One, I have my Javascript turned off. Two, because I am not using the right browser. Apparently I must be using either Microsoft Windows with Netscape 4.0 or IE 4.0 or higher, or a Mac with IE 5.0 or higher. The message continues to inform me that I may be able to view the page with another browser if it has Javascript turned on, but that I won't be able to configure said page unless I 'upgrade' to one of the browsers listed above. Said list being conspicuously lacking in any browser that isn't either written by Microsoft or running on top of an OS presumably bought from them. And also being conspicuously lacking in any indication that anything not owned by M$ or AOL is supported.
I suppose I'll just chalk this up as one more bit of evidence that one should never expect a publically traded company not to screw you at every turn.

And now for the software release:
YeempEMP 0.4.2 is out. The most significant feature is a CGI that lets visitors to one's website exchange yeemps with the site's admin (or whomever the CGI's configured to send messages to.). Of course, the one installed here is configured to chat with me.

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